CHM Coffee Bean Coffee & Cream Rollerball

If you are looking for that very unique, one of a kind handcrafted rollerball - this is it! This great rollerball with Coffee Helping Missions coffee bean acrylic will provide outstanding writing pleasure with that unique one of a kind, look and feel. The components are polished stainless steel made in the USA and comes with a Schmidt ceramic tipped rollerball refill.  The body is a special TurningByrd hand cast named Coffee and Cream made with white acrylic and Coffee Helping Missions Coffee beans!  Whole coffee beans create a unique and attractive pen!

These “Coffee Bean” pens are hand crafted by a Christian businessman desiring to use his business for the Lord! He is donating 25% of the purchase price to Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Not only that, he uses coffee beans to make each pen!

Our price: $125.00
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