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CoffeeHelpingMissions.com was born out of a Biblical Ministries Worldwide board meeting. BMW’s director, Paul Seger, made the comment “It sure would be nice to use coffee somehow to help fund missions in Indonesia! There is a great need in that part of the world for missionaries and there is some of the world’s best coffee grown there!” Jeff Buckman, one of the board members just couldn’t stop thinking about that comment! How could coffee be used to raise funds for not only Indonesia, but for missionaries all over the world? The Lord was working and opened one door after another. Jeff is a businessman and the Lord used his business experience to grow this idea into reality! He met with coffee bean roasting companies and found out that there was a profit to be made for missions! The name CoffeeHelpingMissions.com was born. The search for just the right roasting company was next.

Jeff knew the coffee had to be the best, after all we are desiring to serve God and further His work! Nothing but incredible, great tasting coffee will do. Being a coffee lover himself, finding great coffee was a fun endeavor. When the Lord led Jeff to Twin Valley Coffee, he knew that this was the company to work with! The coffee is awesome and the people are great to work with as well. It didn’t take long to find out that the family behind Twin Valley Coffee are believers in Jesus Christ as well! The Lord formed this relationship with Twin Valley Coffee, to roast, package, and ship all of the Biblical Ministries Worldwide coffee.

The next step was to design a private label for the bags, single serve cups etc.. A web site was developed and a company formed.

CoffeeHelpingMissions.com is owned and operated by Jeff and Nancy Buckman. Their other family business supplies customer service, administrative tasks, web site maintenance and general running of the company at no charge, so all of the profit can go toward mission projects.

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