100% of the profit from Coffee Sales
goes to missionary projects!

For a 12oz bag that comes to $2.06

50% of the profit supports Biblical Ministries Worldwide’s Indonesia project which funds community development projects while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

50% of the profit goes to the missionary of your choice!

  • $93,019
  • Raised since May 5, 2015 in support of BMW Indonesia Project and Missionaries


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Biblical Ministries Worldwide has teamed up with Twin Valley Coffee to help missionaries all over the world, and provide you with great coffee at the same time!

Twin Valley Coffee has been roasting specialty coffees since 2004. Their air roasted coffee is smooth, full of aroma and flavor. Many of their coffees are sourced through Fair Trade or Direct Trade Relationships to provide sustainable support for the farmers who spend countless hours of care and attention to growing the best specialty grade coffees. Their attention to detail is second to none.

Twin Valley Coffee’s mission statement, “Excellence Beyond The Cup!™”, is held as the uncompromising standard. After you’ve had your first cup of Twin Valley Coffee, you will be “ruined for the ordinary.” Average coffee will no longer be acceptable.

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